City Taxi App

Going places with our app

The City Taxis app gives our riders the chance to book on the go. Key features include pre-book, track your driver, pay on card and rate your driver. Let’s get started.


Open the app and enter where you’re going in the Pick Up Location box. Tap to confirm location and destination, then tap to confirm booking.


You can track your driver’s arrival on the map. You will be notified when your driver has arrived at your pick up location.



Payment is easy on the app. You have the option to pay by debit card, cash or through business account.

National Coverage

Out of town? Use your City Taxis app in 22 other towns and cities across the UK and one of our local taxi partners will pick you up


Promo Codes

Received a promo code? Select 'Add Promo' from the menu and enter the code. Your discount will be applied to your next app booked journey when you pay by card.

Speak with your driver

Message or call your driver through the app without sharing your personal contact details.

Safe Taxi Scheme

Safe Taxi Scheme

No money? No problem! Riders with an affiliate card can book through the Safe Taxi Scheme option on the app and hand your card to the driver as temporary payment.

Recent Pick-Ups

Take advantage of your recently used locations so that you can book another taxi in just two taps.

Favourite Pick-Ups

Everybody has their go-to locations. Personalise your app with your favourite places to make bookings quicker and easier.

Key Locations

To make pick-ups easier for both riders and drivers, look out for the Point of Interest icons on our map if you're unsure of your location.

Our app in numbers

We are committed to continually creating a better app experience for our riders. By analysing our app data we are able to identify our rider needs and improve our services.


Driver 4+ star rating


Paid by card on app


Pickup within 10 mins

What our people say

Alex Caley


Meadowhall use City Taxis for reliability, safety and great value.

Dan Bates

CEO of Sheffield Theatres

We are happy to recommend City Taxis to our team, performers and audience members because they provide a friendly and efficient service. Above all they are great people to work with.

Dan Waddington

Head of Advertising UoS

City Taxis provides us with a key partnership for our student welfare. The Safe Taxi Scheme offers our students a safe way to get home, that no other city offers.

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