City Taxis are committed to the ongoing sustainability and future-proofing of our communities. Our electric vehicle offering to riders and drivers has become one of our main objectives for 2020.

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Sustainability is at the top of our agenda at City taxis.

We believe in investing and improving by creating small changes within our offices through to large changes such as reducing our carbon footprint.

Small steps
This can be aided by small steps, like turning off appliances when not in use, using energy-efficient lighting and solar panelling. The community aspect is important too – eating locally, recycling as well as reselling and donating contributes greatly!

What about large changes?
Electric Vehicles – our vision is to offer an ALL electric fleet to our customers by 2025. This would mean taking 2000 Co2 omitting cars off our roads. Planting – we also pledge that for every driver who converts to an electric vehicle we will plant a tree in support of this change. Planting trees is one of the biggest ways to reduce the CO2 within our atmosphere to tackle the climate crisis.

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Working with current and potential technologies making sure we push boundaries and explore all possibilities.


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Creating and delivering a programme of service improvement across all areas of the business.


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Having the right values and visions enables us to reward and recognise the hard work of our employees and drivers.

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What our people say

Alex Caley


Meadowhall use City Taxis for reliability, safety and great value.

Dan Bates

CEO of Sheffield Theatres

We are happy to recommend City Taxis to our team, performers and audience members because they provide a friendly and efficient service. Above all they are great people to work with.

Dan Waddington

Head of Advertising UoS

City Taxis provides us with a key partnership for our student welfare. The Safe Taxi Scheme offers our students a safe way to get home, that no other city offers.

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