Book, track & pay. Booking made easy with the new CITY Taxis app.
Pre-book for later? not a problem
Add a card to pay with ease
Split the fare with other passengers
Have a safe taxi card with an affiliate? You can use that too.
Book, track & pay - Booking made easy with the new CITY Taxis app
Pre-book for later? not a problem
Add a card to pay with ease
Split the fare with other passengers
Have a safe taxi card with an affiliate? You can use that too

The new CITY Taxis app is here!

With a new look and a whole host of new features the new CITY Taxis app is the only app you need for your taxi requirements.


National Coverage

The new CITY Taxis app gives you access to the Riide network meaning you can use your CITY Taxis app to book in more than 22 towns/cities in the UK, US & Ireland!

The Riide network is a group of like minded taxi operators who have joined together to offer a national service using service partners. CITY Taxis is a founder member of the network which now has over 22,000 vehicles!


Split Fare

Sharing a taxi home?

The new split fare feature allows you to split the cost of the journey between all the passengers in the vehicle to avoid one person having to pay for everyone. 

The total price is evenly split and each passenger charged their share. Everyone also receives their own receipt. 


Card Payment

No cash? No problem!

Save your bank card details to your account, pay via the app and get an electronic receipt sent directly to your device – all in a matter of seconds!

With this secure in-app payment facility, you never have to worry about carrying cash again! 


Favourite Pick-ups

Personalise your app with ‘Favourite Places’. 

Whether it’s your favourite bar, restaurant, cinema or even your best friend’s house, everybody has their ‘go-to’ locations! 

Save your regular journeys under ‘Favourite Places’ to book your journey even quicker. 


Well Known Pick-ups

To make pick-ups easier for both riders and drivers, look out for the Point of Interest icon on our map. 

By highlighting nearby restaurants, bars, stadiums and other well known locations, choosing a convenient pick-up point has never been easier.

If not apparent at your location, please input the full address into the search bar. 


Business Accounts

Looking for a streamlined way to book your ride through your business account? 

Use your allocated account name and password to book your journey through our app, without having to go through your receptionist or procurement officer. 

As a business owner, you have full access to a digital log of bookings made on your account to ensure that all jobs have been authorised and validated..

Want to know how to add your account? Visit our app FAQ page


Card Accounts

Here at CITY Taxis, we want to make sure the young people of our city get home safely. 

By inviting them to use your card when booking taxis on the app, you can ensure your children or dependents can always get home safe – even when they’ve ran out of money! 


Recent Pick-ups

When requesting a taxi, the app looks at your journey history to identify your recent pick-ups, and puts them into a convenient and easy-to-use list. 

Take advantage of your recently used locations so that you can book another taxi with just two taps. 

Quick, simple and effective. 



Discounts, vouchers, free rides and more… make sure you don’t miss out on our rewards and promotions!

Simply add a promo code to register your reward. 

Keep an eye out for the gift icon when completing your payment in order to redeem your reward. 


Track Your Driver

Our app will calculate the estimated arrival time of your taxi – you can track your driver right to your door. 

We’ll also provide your driver’s name, rating and vehicle details so you can verify that you are in the right vehicle. 

Once you have completed your journey, feel free to rate your driver and leave us a review! 


Call My Driver

Booked your taxi? You can now contact your driver directly! 

The CITY Taxis app allows you to call or message your driver without sharing or displaying your personal contact details. 


Wheelchair Accessibility

In order to accommodate for all of our customer’s needs, you can now book a wheelchair accessible vehicle through the CITY Taxis app.

Our wheelchair drivers will assist passengers in and out of the vehicle and are trained in all aspects of helping our customers.


Safe Taxi Scheme

No money? No problem? If you are studying at the University of Sheffield or Sheffield Hallam you can use your student card as temporary payment. Simply book through the Safe Taxi Scheme option on the app and hand your card to the driver. Pay your fare direct to your University once the card has been returned to you.

Supporters of Sheffield United FC or Chesterfield FC can also take advantage of the scheme using your Season Ticket. 


Happy to help

Have a question about the app? Our app FAQ page has in depth instructions on the features of the new app. Visit the FAQ HERE 

Still have a question? email us on