Today we celebrated “Brew Monday” with an internal tea party at City HQ!


With lots of flavoured teas, biscuits and cakes on offer, the event provided a great opportunity to dedicate some time for a chat with work friends over a good old cuppa!


#BrewMonday is all about reaching out to family, friends and colleagues for a cuppa and a chat. It promotes the importance of mental health and that talking about your problems and worries can help.


The day was brought around by ‘Samaritans’ charity. We wanted to give all staff the opportunity to speak to their friends and colleagues about anything that may be worrying them or just for a friendly catch up and to get to know people that they may not always have the chance to speak to.


We also wanted to take the opportunity to discuss how we could become better at communications within the workplace as we are always keen to learn how we can improve and support everyone at #TeamCity.

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