Charities in Derby & Barnsley





  • Me & Dee Charity
    – Ensuring families going through difficult and uncertain times are gifted with memories they can treasure 


  • Padley group
    – providing services to the vulnerable in the City of Derby (homelessness, debt, addiction, mental health issues and long term employment) 


  • Doorways
    – Helping homeless rough sleepers in Derby City Centre by providing service users with a hot meal, a sandwich pack and a hot drink 





  • HOPE in Community – Helping Others Positively Engage
    – the objective is to improve the conditions of life for the residents of Barnsley and its surrounding boroughs 





  • BIADS – Barnsley Independent Alzheimer’s and Dementia Support
    – organisation formed by Barnsley people to provide support to those who have any form of dementia and their families and friends 

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