Here at City Taxis, we have always been passionate about supporting our local charities and over the past 20 years have raised over £200,000 for them.

To further support charities in our community, in 2020 we launched our own City Charity Incubator. The incubator was set up to support a local charity, who would join us in our offices for 12 months, taking away some of the financial and business pressures they face.


As well as providing space for the charity to grow, we also offer access to meeting rooms, Marketing and IT support, telephone lines and more. We also look to throw a charity event to fundraise for our charity incubator (COVID permitting).


If the charity is in its initial stages, we can support with strategy meetings as well as offering corporate marketing to increase the charities profile amongst our community.


With our current charity incubators, Mums in Need, coming to the end of their incubator period, we are looking to find another local, small organisation, for who we can make a difference.


If you are a local charity or aware of a charity who could use our support, please get in touch with our team via the City Charity page:


We can’t wait to welcome a new charity to City HQ in 2022!

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