We aim to support our chosen charity of the year by providing 12 months of financial burden-free office space and dedicated internal resources.

We know how important it is to support local charities and we hope by providing the incubator the charities can flourish in what they do best, supporting our community.

Our chosen charity for 2020 will be Mums in Need.

Mums in Need (MIN) is a Sheffield- based emotional abuse charity. They have a great deal of experience, knowledge and understanding about emotional abuse in relationships, as well as having an understanding about how to navigate your way through the family justice system. MIN aim to support and help mums with the life skills and to overcome their fears of emotional and psychological abuse.

For the next year, MIN will be based within City Taxis HQ

We will be providing support throughout the year both practically and financially. If you would like to be involved and help support this charity please contact us on citycharity@citytaxis.com

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