Further to Boris Johnson’s announcement yesterday evening, City Taxis would like to offer their support and reaffirm the Government Guidelines for travelling in Private Hire Vehicles. As we keep the region moving, your safety is our priority, therefore we have installed our Private Hire Vehicles with screened partitions, in addition to our Hackney Carriages and Euro 6 vehicles which have these naturally built in. The £200k investment into the fleet has been jointly funded by City and their self-employed drivers in an attempt to provide a safe option for our community to move around.

Please remember when planning your journey:

  • Pre-book your vehicle by phone, app or web-booker.
  • For extra safety you can request a screened vehicle when booking.
  • Bookings may be busier around the 10pm curfew so please plan accordingly.
  • Have patience when booking and waiting for a taxi.
  • Please keep to the social distance.
  • Always carry and use a face covering or protective mask whilst travelling.
  • Adhere to the rules in order to avoid a fine of up to £200.
We have all been hugely affected by the outbreak of Covid-19, and as the government have suggested these special measures could potentially last for at least another 6 months. However the restrictions enforced can be managed to make sure we can still move you safely and responsibly, we are here to support our passengers, businesses and drivers to get through these unprecedented times. We ask you to co-operate with the new guidance rules and keep yourselves safe when travelling.
Let’s come together and help keep people in work, keep shops and schools open and keep our operating areas moving forward. Maintain our community spirit – togetherness, stay safe, be responsible and don’t forget your face covering or protective mask when planning your journey.

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