Here at City Taxis, we have always been passionate about supporting our local charities and over the past 20 years have raised over £200,000 for them. 

To further support charities in our community, in 2020 we launched our own City Charity Incubator. The incubator was set up to support a local charity, who would join us in our offices for 12 months, taking away some of the financial and business pressures they face. 


Over the last 12 months, our 2021 charity incubators Mums in Need were provided with a space to grow, access to meeting rooms, Marketing and IT support, telephone lines and much more. We are very sad to see them leave but look forward to hearing from them as they continue the amazing work they do from their new home.


As we head into 2022, Team City are delighted to announce our new charity incubator, Archer Project!


Close to the hearts of many at City, we chose to support The Archer Project as our City Charity Incubators for 2022 because of the fantastic work they do within our community.


Running for over thirty years, the charity has supported thousands of people who were homeless in Sheffield, aiming to get people into accommodation as well as helping them to build fulfilling lives.


The Archer Project is a place where homeless and vulnerable people can change their lives for the better. The charity’s mission is to help homeless people achieve a better life by supporting them to develop their independence, improve their ability to tackle setbacks and help to identify and change negative behaviour to improve their wellbeing. 


Following an arson attack on their offices (2020), the charity was left without a base. We are so humbled to be able to provide a space for the fundraising team to work together again, particularly during a time where fundraising has been particularly challenging due to COVID restrictions. City aims to nurture the charity and enable them to be in a greater position to do what they do best, supporting the community, with less pressure and burden than before the incubation period.


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